Department of Mathematics


The Department of Mathematics was established in the academic year 1976, and offers a B.Sc. degree program in mathematics as a single specialization or as a major/minor specialization. The program requires a basic knowledge in mathematics with emphasis on concepts and applications. A master program was initiated in the academic year 1981/1982.

Currently, there are 25 Faculty members, 3 Full time lectural and 1 Teaching assistant.

In addition the Department of Mathematics offers mathematics courses to the students of the Faculty of Science, Hajjawi Faculty and Faculty of Information Technology.
The Department of Mathematics is a pivotal department as it prepares and equips national and Arab personnel with specialists and educators in mathematics.
Faculty members of this department are committed to providing quality teaching and counselling services to its students. The department also maintains continuous contact with its students through its various counselling programs and through utilizing office hours for each faculty member. Offices of the faculty members of this department are constantly open to students for communication and consultations. This communication is the department's aim and aspiration, and it continues even after students' graduation.
It’s worth saying with a high level of confidence and pride that all graduates of this department are able to find appropriate jobs immediately. Therefore, they provide their services to society soon after graduation. Some of our students pursue higher education towards PhD degrees. They proved to be good graduate students and they demonstrate remarkable scientific excellence.  Many of them are working at the department now.



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