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During a meeting with the family of the Faculty of Science Yarmouk Dr. Faouri: Faculty of Science have contributed and are still in the development and progression of the university

He praised the President of Yarmouk University Dr. Rifaat Faouri bid for the Faculty of Science at the university, which is a fundamental building block which have contributed and are still in the development of the university and progress, thanks to the left untouched from the creative and elite group of faculty members who their son and and valued for the great their giving, and what contributed to its development of scientific research and deepening the scientific ties with various universities and research centers in the world, in addition to their role in the preparation of scientific competencies trained it contributed to the progress and prosperity of Jordan. Said Dr. Faouri during a meeting with the family of the Faculty of Science that the university is implementing a new strategy aimed at re-evaluation of the educational system of the three ingredients student, professor, curriculum, to improve the process of education plan and in line with scientific developments, and enhances the quality standards, and thus maintain the excellence of the educational process outputs in University competitive and provide Aalahalmistoy for the labor market. He added that this plan will be presented to all the teaching staff at the university members to be discussed in a scientific extensively in order to enrich, noting that excellence requires effort industrious work from everyone and we can share together to improve the university that we hold dear and which will certainly reflect on the human efficiencies high preparation level contribute to advancing the progress of our beloved country. Dr. Faouri said that, within the university job trends to amend upgrade academic faculty system to serve the scientific research and educational process, stressing that a good researcher is a good teacher and the national important prerequisite. He pointed out that we should get out of the traditional management department that relies on selective monitoring and evaluation impressionist, to strategic management, which seeks to raise the corporate level through attention to human resources, stressing that the university administration will work to support the Faculty of Sciences in various fields to continue scientific its bid. He was dean of the faculty, Dr. Ahmed Arahil welcomed at the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Faouri, thanking the university administration to support connected to the College, said that the college has 2,600 students in bachelor's phases and masters continue their studies in six academic departments under the supervision of 155 faculty members. At the end of the meeting, which was attended by Vice President for Academic and Administrative Affairs Dr. Ziad al-Saad, Dr. Abdullah Al-Jarrah, Faouri answered questions and inquiries about attending various academic, administrative and technical issues related to the college.