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A panel discussion Yarmouk to develop study plans in Earth Sciences

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences held at the Faculty of Science, Yarmouk University panel discussion on how to take advantage of the feedback from the labor market in the context of the pursuit section for the development of the study plan for the two phases of bachelor's and master's in harmony with the requirements of the labor market from the trainer in the field of Earth Sciences scientific talent. Speaking at the meeting, Director General of the laboratories Gulf of soil testing in Abu Dhabi and laboratories Baynunah in Qatar engineer Joseph waxing, where he pointed to the needs required by the regional labor and the Arab market and the Gulf of working in the field of geotechnical studies, soil testing and materials, geophysical, geological and various studies, stressing the need to update and the development of study plans at various universities in line with scientific developments and the needs of the labor market in this area so as to enhance employment opportunities for graduates thereby contributing to improving the ability to grow and develop in these areas. The head of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences Dr. Talal Al-Momani has welcomed the beginning of the meeting the guest, stressing the importance of taking advantage of the information available in the labor market so that they can develop study plans relating to the disciplines of geology, soil, which contributes to the development of the ability of graduates to meet the local and Arab market needs . At the end of the session, which Odraha Dr. Momani, and was attended by a number of faculty members at the college and a group of students Section, Eng waxing answered questions and inquiries about the subject of the meeting attendees.