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D. Mohammad A. Al Kadiri

Head of the Statistics Department

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The department of Statistics at Yarmouk University is the only statistics department nationwide. The department is a small cohesive unit that enjoys an energetic environment with a rich history of teaching, contributions in research, and consultations. The vision of the department is to produce quality graduates who are employable and capable of using statistics in many fields, and also are able to do research for the development of its own discipline as well as in other disciplines. The department’s graduates are in demand in the job market and have attained levels of recognition at many universities, research institutions, and corporations.

The roots of the Department of statistics lie in the Department of Mathematics at Yarmouk University. 1977/1978 marks the establishment of the department of statistics and it started to offer service courses to students from departments of Mathematics, Economics and Administrative Sciences. In 1978/1979, department of statistics started the minor program in Statistics.

As the department developed and expanded academically and resource wise, in 1980/1981 department of statistics split and it started a program offering a bachelor’s degree in Statistics major. In 1982/1983, a Master’s degree program was initiated with an emphasis on Applied Statistics, Mathematical Statistics, and Probability Theory. The department of Statistics also offers some statistical courses for other departments at Bachelor’s and Master Levels.

The department maintains a permanent concern to include all new developments in both applied and theoretical statistical sciences. The department revised its study plans on two stages; the first milestone occurred in 1997/1998. While the second milestone occurred in 2007/2008 more emphasis was placed on statistical software packages besides developing the applied and theoretical aspects of the curriculum.

The department has two modern, well equipped, computer labs with nearly 50 computers. The department pays attention to involving famous statistical packages as SPSS, R, MINITAB and SAS in various courses.

The Department of Statistics in enriched with a well educated and experienced faculty members including (13) Ph.D. professors and (4) M.Sc. lecturers.

Since the inception of the department, nearly (1500) students have graduated with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Statistics. For this academic year (2017/2018), there are 200 undergraduate and 31 graduate students involved in the programs.


The department aspires to be a national distinguished statistical leader recognized for the quality in teaching and learning and data analysis.


Being the only department in Jordan offering a degree in statistics, we offer educational opportunities for students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels by blending the theoretical and applied statistical aspects. Our goal is to provide a quality education and training to the new generations to be pioneer in research, experimental design, data analysis and consultation.

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