As part of the activities of the Mathematics Department to address matters of interest to its  students and to prepare them for the job market, the department held a lecture entitled “The competencies required for a mathematics teacher”, given by Prof. Dr. Mamoun Al-Shannaq from the College of Education. Several students and faculty members in the department attended the lecture , and the discussion followed he lecture covered the broad guidelines for preparing students to join the education sector. The meeting was organized by Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Omari, the secretary of the Quality Assurance Committee, and Dr. Muhammad Al-Jamal, Head of the Department.

The President of Yarmouk meets the family of the College of Science and gets acquainted with the reality of the college and its future aspirations


Participation by Prof. Al-Malkawi from Yarmouk in the "Tenth International Forum for Digital Learning 2020."


Dr. Hanan Malkawi from Yarmouk University participated in the "Tenth International Forum for Learning 2020 - Beyond Corona: Digital Learning - Politics, Theory and Practice for the Future", which was organized by the University of Agder in Norway, and lasted for two days, via the Zoom platform.


Al-Malkawi spoke in the session about  "The digital future and innovation in learning for sustainable societies after the Corona pandemic", where she talked about "Higher education in the Arab region: the challenges of digital learning and means of reform during and after the crisis of the Corona pandemic towards sustainable societies", reviewing the challenges in transformation to distance learning in general in light of the Corona pandemic, and in some disciplines in particular, such as science and medicine, and the initiatives taken to face these challenges and achieve the desired sustainability in this regard after the Corona pandemic.


She stressed the importance of promoting the adoption of a lifelong learning approach for all in view of the rapid development of digital technologies and skills and smart applications, and the need for universities to act as incubators for lifelong learning, to promote the development of human capabilities and skills for the digital age, and to adopt and use digital technologies for sustainable development.

A number of decision-makers in higher education and experts in digital learning and smart applications from several universities and institutions from the United States of America participated in the forum: such as Stanford University, University of Utah, Massachusetts  Institute of Technology (MIT), Arizona State University, Texas, Colorado, Agder University in Norway, and the Secretary General of the International Council for Distance Learning (ICDE) in Norway, Egypt, Britain, Germany, Denmark, and Finland. , Sweden, Kosovo, and India.

The College of Science holds a specialized training workshop on "Geo -formatics


The Dean of the College of Science, Prof. Khaled Al-Batayneh, sponsored the closing ceremony and distribution of certificates to the participants in the training workshop on GeoFormatics, which was held by the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences in cooperation with the Department of Geography in the College of Arts.

Participants representing several sectors including the of the Directorate of Agriculture of the Irbid Governorate, the Greater Irbid Municipality, the Irbid Governorate Electricity Company, and the Department of Statistics participated in the workshop over a period of three days/

The workshop included training the participants on the applications of geoformatics in the different sectors of interest, supervised by Dr. Ali Al-Muqbel, Dr. Khaled Hazaimeh and Dr. Rana Al-Jawarneh from the Geography Department, and Dr. Muhib Awawdeh from the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

It is noteworthy that the organization of this workshop came as part  of the partnership between the academic sector and the government sector with the support of the "Geodesy and GeoFormax" project towards sustainable development in Jordan, which is supported by the European Erasmus Plus program.


Prof. Dr. Khaled Al-Batayneh, Dean of the College of Sciences