In the Science Faculty Day, Dr. Abdulla Al-Rawabdeh from Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Engineer Qassim Al-Bitar and Eng. Omar Al-Masaid from the Surveying Technologies and Services Company Ltd (Survey TEQ) have organized a training course on the surveying and Remote Sensing Techniques. The training course, which was offered for undergraduate students from the Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, intended to support and increase student knowledge of the importance of cadastral surveying, link theoretical knowledge to practical applications, and provides an opportunity to network with professionals. The participants were briefed on the experience of the GIS consulting company in the field of GIS and its development, the role of remote sensing techniques, and its practical applications in the development and preservation of the environment. The students who participated in the GIS training course gained an understanding of practical applications in the techniques of collecting and extracting ground parameters and finding coordinates of points accurately. In addition, they learned and gained experience using digital cadastral devices that serve geologists and surveyors by obtaining coordinates and calculations of quantities using modern and high precision equipment.

At the end of the course, the participating students collected the data using RTK GPS / GIS to establish reference points or Benchmark points on campus within a few millimeters in accuracy. This data will be used in engineering and field courses.