The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences in cooperation with the Mineral Expertise Bureau (MinXperts) have organized a lecture about "Exploration and Calculation of Mineral Resources", which was presented by Geo-Eng. Mohamed Al-Muhtaseb from MinXperts. In his lecture, Geo-Eng. Al-Muhtaseb has presented the selection criteria for potentially exploitable sites for mineral ores and the methods used for identification of site eligibility for exploration, including satellite images (processed by remote sensing techniques and GIS), geological maps and geophysical techniques.
In addition, Geo-Eng. Al-Muhtaseb explained the sampling techniques, sample preparation and analysis and how results are employed in the classification of Resources and Reserves, and the calculations of mineral ores. In addition, He presented a set of recommendations and measures to be taken into considerations while exploring and identifying the mineral ore and provided examples of exploratory operations in Jordan and the region. It is noteworthy to mentioned that this lecture is part of a series of lectures organized by the dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences which coincided with the activities of the Scientific Day of the Science Faculty this year.