Within the activities of the Scientific Day of the Science Faculty, which was held on Tuesday, 21-3-2017, the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences hosted Engineer Fadia Abdelghani who provided a lecture entitled "Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology (JISM)" In her lecture, Eng. Abdelghani briefed the audience about the emergence, duties, activities, units and the organizational structure of the JISM with insight into their mechanism of work. The JISM is composed of the following units: the Directorate of Inspection and Control, Anti-Counterfeiting Unit, Risk Management Unit, Directorate of Standards, Directorate of Jewelry, and Directorate of Conformity Certificates.
She provided a detailed discussion about the Laboratories unit, which consists of three main labs; the Food lab, Engineering Material lab and Chemical Analyses lab. These labs represent one of a variety of career paths and employment opportunities for the Science Faculty graduates. She also gave an overview about the types of analysis and foodstuffs that can be tested, the chemical analyses, and the chemicals that can be examined including soap, cosmetics, detergents and sanitary paper…etc.