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Dr. ALmuthanna K. Alkaraki 
Head of Biological Sciences Department
Associate Professor
 Faculty of Science - Department of Biological Sciences
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The Department of Biological Sciences was establishment in the year 1976, with the start of Yarmouk University.  In the beginning, a B.Sc. degree was offered within the framework of a major program in Biology.  Later, in 1982, M.Sc. degree program was introduced in the fields of biochemistry, genetics, microbiology, parasitology, botany, taxonomy, and molecular biology.


The first group of B.Sc. and M.Sc. students graduated in the years 1980 and 1982 respectively.  Annually, about 100 to 120 students graduate from the B.Sc. program, while between 10 to 15 graduate at the M.Sc. level.  Currently there are about 500 students enrolled at the undergraduate level and 50 at the graduate level.  Since 1980, over 1200 students have received their degrees from the department with over 100 receiving a Master’s degree.


The total number of staff at present is 36, including 17 faculty members, 7 teaching assistants, and 12 laboratory technicians.  There are 7 laboratories for teaching and 11 for research purposes.  The laboratories are furnished with the latest advanced equipment for research in different fields of Biological Sciences, with an electron microscope unit.  A greenhouse and an animal house are also maintained by the department for teaching and research purposes.


In keeping with the pace of advancement in the field of Biological Sciences, the department has recently established a new program in Biotechnology at the M.Sc. level.


The aim of the Department is to provide a modern and comprehensive program in biology to prepare students to work in different fields of Science and Education in the country or abroad, or to pursue their higher studies.



The Department of Biological Sciences is looking to advance the biology specialty by introducing up to date knowledge and practice in nanotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology techniques and approaches.The department makes every effort for excellence in teaching, research, and service. We are aware to emphasize the importance of biology in the advancement of research in our university as well as in the country. Therefore, recognition of the essential of modern biology is the utmost priority in the next ten years. Including new tracks in the master degree program is a plan to be applied, which requires full equipped facilities in the teaching and research labs.Introducing new programs in the postgraduate studies is mandatory to establish Ph.D. program in the near future.



The primary goal of the Department of Biological Sciences is to give enough knowledge and practical approach about different living organisms such as animals, plants, bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae. Moreover, molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics and cell biology are the major topics in our biology understanding. In the postgraduate level, there are two tracks of biological fields, biological approach and biotechnology master degree programs.


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The faculty of science strives to   maintain top level research and teaching standards  in all its departments. The faculty fulfils its national obligation to general education providing extensive scientific instruction.

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