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About Faculty

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Science was established in 1976, coinciding with the establishment of Yarmouk  University, and was part of the Faculty of Science and Arts before they were split into two independent faculties in 1981. The Faculty currently includes seven academic departments: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Biological Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, and the Scientific-Service Courses.  Until 2002, the Department of Computer Science was part of the Faculty of Science before becoming the nucleus of the Faculty of Information Technology.

All departments, except for the Scientific-Service Courses Dept. which was established in 2017 to administer elective University courses, offer bachelor's and master's degrees in their respective subjects.  Besides, some departments offer B.Sc and M.Sc. degrees in quality subjects which started at a later time than 1976.  These programs include:

  • Sc program in Environmental Sciences. Started in 1998/1999 (Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences)
  • Sc. program in Biotechnology.  Started in 2003/2004 (Department of Biological Sciences)
  • Sc. program in Biomedical Physics. Started in 2004/2005 (Department of Physics)
  • Sc. program in Nuclear Physics. Started in 2011/2012 (Department of Physics)
  • Sc. program in Medical Physics. Started in 2020/2021 (Department of Physics)

As of the 2016/2017 academic year, the number of students in the Faculty of Science in the bachelor's and master's program is (2,679) and the number of faculty members is (169) in various academic ranks.   The Jordanian Natural history Museum is also managed by the Faculty of Science.  The museum was established in 1981 and it documents the natural treasures of Jordan.  It houses samples of animals, plants, rocks, minerals, and fossils found in the Jordanian landscape.

The Faculty of Science strives to maintain top-level research and teaching standards in all disciplines. The Faculty attempts to bridge the gap with the private sector through joint studies and consultations to enhance applied research.  Departments and Units operating under the direct supervision of the Faculty are working together to implement the Faculty's strategic goals and plans.


To be a pioneer and distinguished Faculty at the national and regional levels in both academic and research sectors according to the highest international standards.


To contribute to achieving the mission of Yarmouk University through excellence in teaching and scientific research and servicing the local community.  The Faculty aims at providing the society with distinguished graduates equipped with scientific and technological tools and capable of facing future developments and compete at the regional and international levels.


Quality and Excellence: The pursuit of global excellence in teaching, learning, and innovation.

Creativity: creating the appropriate climate for creative thinking and innovative behavior.

Justice and Integrity: The Faculty is committed to the principles of social justice, equal opportunities, and cultural diversity.

Authenticity: Faculty members are committed to honesty, respect, and professional ethics.

Transparency: The Faculty and its members are committed to transparency in scientific and educational activities.

Effective Communication: The Faculty instills a culture of teamwork in thinking, behavior, and communication between faculty members, employees, students, and the local community.

Strategic Goals

  • Achieving quality standards in research and education, and the relentless pursuit of international academic excellence.
  • Providing the society with graduates who are pioneers and leaders and providing them with various scientific skills and experiences.
  • Continuous updating of curricula to keep pace with progress in various scientific disciplines.
  • Providing an interactive learning environment that encourages effective communication between students and faculty members
  • Developing pioneering scientific research that contributes to Faculty excellence, enriches knowledge, and provides innovative solutions to problems facing the local community.
The faculty of science strives to   maintain top level research and teaching standards  in all its departments. The faculty fulfils its national obligation to general education providing extensive scientific instruction.

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