Department of Physics

Dr. Anas Mohammad Abdullah Ababneh

Head of the Department of Physics

Faculty of Science - Department of Physics
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The department was established in 1976 with a program at the time the department had three faculty members and forty students the graduate program was established at the start of the academic year 1982 \ 83 and three students were admitted to it .

Since the department has witnessed an enormous growth and now there are  26 faculty members holding ph. D. degrees 6 teaching assistants holding . and degrees and 11 technicians. today the department has around 300 undergraduate students and 50 graduate students. graduate students. since the inception of the department about 1500 students have graduated with a and around 100 students with degree .

In addition to the effort made to raise the level of teaching and to supply the community at large with qualified personnel the department has established a number of specialized research laboratories in the following fields of physics magnetism and magnetic materials x ray diffraction moss Bauer spectroscopy thin films optical properties and LASER spectroscopy x ray fluorescence spectroscopy nuclear techniques ( gamma  ray spectroscopy ) and environment studies and radon detection .

The aim of the above laboratories is to train the graduate student in fundamental scientific research promote and enrich scientific knowledge and contribute to the transfer of technology to the local community Also there is strong relationships between the department and the center for theoretical and applied physics which has been established in the university in 1990 . 

Moreover the department contain well-equipped mechanical and electronic workshops and liquid nitrogen plant in addition to many modern and well- equipped teaching laboratories. 



The Department of physics and medical physics at Yarmouk University (YU) seeks to attain the mission of the university toward excellence in effective teaching and successful research to serve better the national and regional community in different aspects of life.



The mission of the Department of Physics at Yarmouk University (yu) is to provide high qualities physics education, producing well prepared graduates with technical expertise who are confident in their abilities and understanding of physics and medical physics to serve and promote their national and regional communities.


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The faculty of science strives to   maintain top level research and teaching standards  in all its departments. The faculty fulfils its national obligation to general education providing extensive scientific instruction.

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