October Articles

Faculty of Science congratulates the listed below Faculty of Science members for acceptance of thier articles in October:


Statistics Department

1- Ahmad Hanandeh, Amer Al-omari. Estimation based on Ranked Set Sampling for Farlie--Gumbel--Morgenstern Bivariate Weibull Distribution Parameters with an application to medical data. Pakistan journal of statistics and operation research

Accepted on Wednesday 25/10/2023. Q2


2- Al-Talib, M., Al-Nasser, A., Al-Juneidi, B., & Ince, N. Theory and Optimization of Generalized Maximum Intuitionistic Fuzzy Entropy Methods. Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis. Q4 

Published on 14/10/2023


3- Al-Rawwash, M., & Alquran, H. A comparative study on repeated measurements data in the presence of missing data. Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis. 

Published on 14/10/2023, Q4


4- AL Dibi'i, R., Abdul Rahman, R., & Al-Nasser, A. New Wald-Type Estimation Procedures for fitting Structural Measurement Error Model. Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis. Q4 

Published on 14/10/2023


Math Department

1- Shadi Shaqaqha and Nadeen Kdaisat. Extraction Algorithm of Hom-Lie Algebras Based on Solvable and Nilpotent Groups. International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences. Q4 

Published on 27/10/2023


2- Shadi Shaqaqha, Areej Aloul, and Ahmad Al-Rhayyel. Evaluating the concept of gamma rings. Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences. Q4 

Published on 24/10/2023


3-M. Al-Refai, M. Syam, D. Baleanu. Analytical treatments to systems of fractional differential equations with modified atangana–baleanu derivative. Fractals 31 (10),

Impact Factor: 4.7, Date of acceptance: 10/10/2023, Publisher: World Scientific. Q1


Earth and Environmental Sciences Department

1-Al-Radaideh N., and AlZgoul, E., Assessment Properties of Tannur Reservoir Sediments for agriculture use. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 16:633.

 Date of acceptance: 20/10/2023, Publisher: Springer. Q4


2- Alqudah, M., Al Alaween, M., Fermor, A., Ali, E., Wagner, T., Hakimi, M.H., Rahim, A., 2023. Impact of thermal maturation of the Upper Cretaceous bituminous limestone of Attarat Um Ghudran Central Jordan, on calcareous nannofossil Preservation. ACS OMEGA, 8:39830-39846.

Impact Factor: 4.1, Date of published: 16/10/2023, Publisher: American Chemical Society.Q1


3- Abbas, M., Lai, Z., Jansen, J.D., Tu, H., Alqudah, M., Xu, X., Al-Saqarat, Al Heinat, M., Ou, X., Petraglia, M.D., Carling, P.A., 2023. Human Dispersal out of Africa via the Levant. Science Advances. 9: eadi6838.

Impact Factor: 14.1, Date of published: 04/10/2023, Publisher: Science. Q1


Chemistry Department

1-Suha S. Altarawneh, Hani M. El-Kaderi, Alexander J. Richard, Osama M. Alakayleh, Ibtesam Y. Aljaafreh, Mansour H. Almatarneh, Taher S. Ababneh, Lo’ay A. Al-Momani, Rawan H. Aldalabeeh. Synthesis, Characterization, and Environmental Applications of Novel Per-Fluorinated Organic Polymers with Azo- and Azomethine-Based Linkers via Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution. Polymers,15(20): 4191

Impact Factor: 5, Date of acceptance: 23/10/2023, Publisher: MDPI. Q1

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