The Jordanian natural history museum

The Jordanian natural history museum

Dr. Muhammad A. Jahmani
Director of the Jordanian Natural History Museum
Faculty of Science - Department of Biological Sciences
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Museum Crew:


The Jordanian Natural History Museum Employees:

-Fadil mahmoud al-suleman al-gharybih / Animal Technician

-Nour Mousa Mohammed Shunnaq / Plant Technician

-Khaled Sheikh / Animal Technician Taxedarmy

-Mutaz Omari / Geologist


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The Jordanian natural history museum at Yarmouk University holds an internationally significant collection of natural history specimens and archives in a stunning example of life and Earth sciences. It is home to living program of learning, visualization, educations and researches focused on the science of natural environment. It was established in 1981 as a unique unit for natural history of all over Jordan environments by its fascinating collection. It offers educational, cultural and recreational services for university community and all segments of the local community on the one hand and serves the researches in the other hand that target wildlife and the protection of biodiversity in Jordan.


Our Exhibition:


The museum campus composes of two parts:

The scientific part which include:

- Animal Section including insect, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, and fishes

- Plant Section

- Geological section including fossils, minerals and rocks


The technical part: This part comprises the taxidermia and sculpturing. 


The museum displays a collection of samples that have been collected through field trips or awarded by some governmental institutes. In the other hand, the museum spread out some specimens to national museums in Jordan in order to spread the benefits to all members of the community where it exists to encourage domestic and foreign tourism and build bridges of cooperation with all those interested in wildlife.


Museum Activities:


The activities of the museum are as follows:

-Gathering, classifying and maintaining collections that cover the Jordanian environment elements.

-Exhibition of the sample accompanied by the basic information including: Arabic name, English name, scientific name, serial number and name of collector, the area.

-Scientific publications and newsletters.

-Field trips into many sites in Jordan of fascinating and diverse natural life and unique geological components.


Future Vision:

Realizing the importance of the museum in the society, the administration is planning for a specialized building to house the museum with advanced laboratories, and recruit specialized staff.

The Jordanian natural history museum creates a better future for Jordan by inspiring wonder in our nature. Together, with your support, we can see the museum live up to its fullest potential, offering our communities 21st-century history museums that connect all of us through our shared experiences. 

The faculty of science strives to   maintain top level research and teaching standards  in all its departments. The faculty fulfils its national obligation to general education providing extensive scientific instruction.

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