Department Of Scientific Service Courses

Dr. Alaa Q. Al-kateeb
Head of Scientific Service Courses Department
Faculty of Science
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About the Department

The Department of Scientific Service Courses was established in 2017, due to the need to provide an academic and administrative umbrella to offer a range of scientific service courses, known as the requirements of the University elective. The College of science embraces this department and does not grant any degree in any of the academic disciplines. However, the department teaches a number of elective courses, in line with the study plans for the various academic disciplines of the undergraduate level at Yarmouk University, in accordance with the standards of academic accreditation of universities in Jordan.

 The Vision

Work to provide the student with elective courses of added value for the areas of knowledge, intellectual, research, health, environmental, behavioral and administrative, through the introduction of a number of elective courses, which aim at the overall development of students' skills and different abilities.


The mission 


The mission of the Department of Scientific Service Courses comes from the mission of the University as a whole, by providing the necessary support for the preparation of scientific competencies in various fields of science and knowledge through the provision of quality education, and through the freedom of thought and expression, and respond to the requirements of society and scientific development.


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The faculty of science strives to   maintain top level research and teaching standards  in all its departments. The faculty fulfils its national obligation to general education providing extensive scientific instruction.

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